Andre Cianflone

June 1 , 2017

I am a graduate Computer Science student at Concordia University, in Montreal. I am part of the CLaC lab, you can find more about our work on my supervisor's website. Currently, my main focus is on Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning.

I started this site to share interesting AI science, and make the theory more approachable. Comprehending machine learning papers can be a daunting task for non-academics and computer scientists who don't focus on machine learning theory. I am a big believer in AI and its democratization. In any event, it helps me understand the theory better. Never stop learning! ;)

I've also organized and hosted deep learning workshops, and currently am a co-organizer of Deep Learning Montreal. Attend our events!


I built the CMS for this website. I wanted a minimal blog website where I can write everything in Markdown, use Latex math, write with Vim bindings, and have automatic Disqus comments. Visit my repo to read more about it and get the code. Feel free to use and improve!


You can email me or msg me on Twitter!